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Sunflex Laminator has been providing commercial and specialized packaging solutions for the pharmaceutical industry. We are well positioned to continue to meet market challenges and offer packaging solutions for both tailor made and high volume standard production markets. Sunflex experience in innovative product development gives it the know how to provide its customers with tailor made products that meet the customer’s specific needs, particular purposes and regulatory requirements. Sunflex is constantly increasing capacities to meet high volume targets in broad range of specialized packaging for PET tablets and liquids, HDPE tablets and liquids, LDPE – enama, barrier bottles, droppers, caps, bottles for droppers, laminated tubes, cartons, labelling & printing and more.


  •  Polyester Aluminium Foil LDPE    
  • Polyester PE Aluminium foil LLDPE
  • Polyester LDPE    
  • Polyester Metallized Polyester LDPE    
  • BOPP
  • BOPP Metallized BOPP    
  • Polyester MET.BOPP    
  • Polyester BOPP    
  • BOPP LDPE